Best Everyday Perfume for Women

There are so many perfumes lining my closet shelves. From the floral fragrances that I wear on special occasions to the spicy scents that I spritz on for evenings of seduction, I have a perfume for every situation! Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just buy one fragrance that would work everyday instead of having to switch back and forth depending on the occasion? Harvey Prince thought so too, and that’s why he created the best everyday perfume for women, Signature by Harvey Prince.


A woman’s scent says a lot about who she is, so in order to be the best everyday perfume for women, a fragrance must speak volumes, and that’s exactly what Signature does. Every sweet spritz of Signature fills the air with floral notes of Hawaiian jasmine, sacred lotus, tuberose and Japanese honeysuckle. These delicate and feminine scents bring out my inner goddess, making me feel confident and powerful. On top of these floral notes, a refreshing hint of pink grapefruit, Japanese mikan and citrus boost my spirit, giving me the energy I need to power through my day. As I walk through a room, I see men and women both turning instinctively to get closer and have a better whiff of my new signature scent, Signature by Harvey Prince.


The best everyday perfume for women isn’t all about its floral notes, though. Signature by Harvey Prince has a beautiful balance between these soft, feminine notes and warmer, sensual notes like amber, Madagascar vanilla and patchouli. Together, the best everyday perfume for women, Signature, turns me into the woman that every other lady wants to be like, and every man wants to get close to. The power and alluring appeal that Signature gives me is addicting! This fragrance has now become a must-have in my daily beauty routine.


Remember all of those other perfumes on my shelves? They’re collecting dust. Now that I’ve found a 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free fragrance made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, I’ve got my new signature scent. Signature is so versatile that I can wear it anywhere, whether I’m going to a fancy event for work, or a toned down dinner date with my boyfriend. I guess that’s why they call this fragrance the best everyday perfume for women!