Best Relaxing Perfume for Women

I practice yoga not just for the amazing effects it has on my body, but also for what it does to my mind. When I leave an intense yoga session, I feel at peace with the world, like I can handle any obstacle thrown my way. But sometimes with my busy schedule it’s hard to fit in an hour or two to hit the mat, so I find myself wound up and stressed out after work. That is, until I found the best alternative to yoga, the best relaxing perfume for women, Yogini by Harvey Prince.

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Every soothing spritz of Yogini releases warm notes of sandalwood, golden amber, incense, Egyptian myrrh, blackcurrant buds, cardamom and Madagascar vanilla into the air, falling gently onto my skin. These sensual notes in the best relaxing perfume for women slowly allow me to drift away from my thoughts and escape the stresses of my daily life. Instinctively, I put my hands in a prayer position as if I were in a yoga class submitting to the world around me. A sense of calm washes over my shoulders and in this moment, my spirit, mind and soul feel completely liberated.


Once these warm notes in the best relaxing perfume for women calm me, sweet floral notes of lily of the valley, star jasmine, rose petals and ylang-ylang greet my senses. These notes inYogini tap into my inner femininity, while the final note of pink grapefruit awakens my senses and invigorates my mind. With this beautiful blend of notes, I feel alert, yet calm and centered. No matter the situation, I know that there’s no stress that Yogini by Harvey Prince can’t handle. I keep a bottle of Yogini with me wherever I go so I can grab a whiff whenever I’m in need of instant stress relief. After a whiff or a spritz of Yogini, I can feel the glow coming back to my face as I remember that whatever it is I’m stressing about isn’t as important as this one quiet moment.

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In yoga, I’ve learned a lot about karma and putting good back into the universe, and Yogini definitely practices what yoga preaches. The best relaxing perfume for women is not only made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, but it’s also 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. I can wear Yogini by Harvey Prince without any guilt, knowing that my fragrance is eco-friendly and high quality! When you’re ready to say Namaste, head to the Harvey Prince online store to snag exclusive fragrance deals and discounts on the best relaxing perfume for women, Yogini by Harvey Prince!