Best Exfoliating Soaps

Soaps are just supposed to cleanse skin and wash away dirt and oils, right? Not anymore! Recently, I discovered the most innovative and incredible product by Harvey Prince, the best exfoliating soaps, Temptress Exfoliating Bar Soap and Ageless Exfoliating Bar Soap.


Like I said before, I thought bar soaps were meant to cleanse, not go above and beyond to exfoliate and turn back the clock on your skin. The best exfoliating soaps, Temptress and Ageless, both have proven anti-aging actives that reduce fine lines and smooth out unwanted wrinkles. The best part? Use these soaps in the shower and you’ll be fighting wrinkles all day! The anti-aging actives are time-released, so throughout the day, Ageless and Temptress are fighting back signs of aging without you even realizing it! I’ve spent so much money on body creams and face lotions that are designed to help me prevent signs of aging, when this whole time I could have been doing it with my bar soap!


Temptress Exfoliating Bar Soap and Ageless Exfoliating Bar Soap both use green tea leaves to remove dead skin cells from the surface, leaving you with a bright and glowing skin tone. After skin is smooth and exfoliated, Ageless uses a combination of pink grapefruit, pumpkin and berry seeds, natural olive oil and shea butter to soften and restore the newly exposed skin. The other best exfoliating soap, Temptress, uses pumpkin seeds, shea butter and soothing lavender oil to give skin a sensual and touchable feel. Using both of these best exfoliating soaps in the shower is almost like using a shower gel. These soaps lather up in a thick, long-lasting foam that really makes me feel like I’m giving my skin a deep, thorough cleanse while still helping it stay healthy and moisturized.


One thing I should warn you about when it comes to the best exfoliating soaps? Don’t leave them unattended in the shower! I made this mistake early on and my husband has fallen in love with the best exfoliating soaps, too! He loves the fact that these soaps are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, but also made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. I guess when it comes to luxury, men really can tell the difference! Ladies, you’ve been warned! Keep your Harvey Prince soaps a secret; otherwise, you’ll have to constantly reorder the best exfoliating soaps from the Harvey Prince online store like me!