Best Moisturizing Creams for Women

There are two types of body creams out on the market. First, the thick, heavy creams that leave skin feeling slimy, and second, the light creams that barely make a difference on your rough and dry skin. But as it turns out, there’s a third type, too! What is it? The best moisturizing creams for women by Harvey Prince, Hello Body Cream and Sincerely Body Cream.

hello body cream (1)

The best moisturizing creams for women have found a happy balance between these two types to form the perfect product for my skin. Hello Body Cream and Sincerely Body Cream are formulated with a blend of sweet almond oil and shea butter to penetrate into the deeper layers of my skin, providing nourishment from the inside out. Applying one of these moisturizing creams from head to toe leaves my skin soft, touchable and positively glowing. I can run my fingers on top of my skin without feeling any residue OR rough patches, even on my elbows and knees! The best moisturizing creams for women make my skin feel as if it just drank a tall glass of water, and the best part is both of these products are hypoallergenic so they don’t irritate my sensitive skin!

sincerely body cream

As if the hydrating and nourishing properties of these products weren’t enough, the best moisturizing creams for women smell incredible, too! Hello Body Cream is a refreshing and intoxicating mix of Sicilian lemon, Spanish mandarin and plumeria botanical extracts that invigorate my senses and boost my energy with every whiff. I love wearing Hello Body Cream throughout the winter and fall to remind me of the sunny days of spring. On the other hand, Sincerely Body Cream combines French bergamot and South African freesia extracts to create an exotic, unique scent. As I apply this creamy moisturizer to my skin, I close my eyes and envision the foreign lands where these scents originated. Instantly, I am transported to sunny beaches and beautiful, rustic countrysides. Who knew that the best moisturizing creams for women would not only transform my skin, but also my mind and spirit!


Since I wear the best moisturizing creams for women on every inch of my body, I let out a sigh of relief when I found out that Harvey Prince products are made in the USA with the best essential oils and finest ingredients. I already knew that Harvey Prince created 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free products, but had no idea that they were so exclusive and high-end, too! I guess that’s because the prices in the Harvey Prince online store are so reasonable, that my mind was blown when I found out I was purchasing luxurybeauty products! Thank you, Harvey, for knowing exactly what women like me want out of the best moisturizing creams for women.