Best Fruity Perfume

Before I was introduced to the best fruity perfume, Ageless by Harvey Prince, I used to only wear floral, feminine fragrances. I thought that was the only type of scent out there that worked for me, but I was wrong! I realized I was wearing perfumes that were overly feminine and sensual, instead of playful and energetic like me. With just one spritz of Ageless by Harvey Prince, I opened the door to a world of fruity perfumes I had never experienced before!


What do I love about fruity perfumes? I love the youthfulness and energy that comes with each spritz. The best fruity perfume, Ageless by Harvey Prince, is inspired by research conducted by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. In their research study, pink grapefruit and mango were found to cover up the smell of fatty acids breaking down in your skin the scent of which is associated with aging. Translation? This fruity combination of notes literally is an olfactory antidote to aging! The best fruity perfume, Ageless, has both of these notes, so I know that the youthful energy I feel is not all in my head…it’s in my scent, too!


Mango and pink grapefruit aren’t the only fruity sensations I experience in the best fruity perfume. I love Ageless notes of apple, pineapple and pomegranate, an exotic combination that I would love to both smell AND eat! My favorite florals like jasmine, lily of the valley, cherry blossom and peony also appear in the best fruity perfume to give me a hint of luxury and femininity without making me feel too girly or dainty. Finally, deeper notes of precious wood and vanilla give my soul a sense of quiet calm, where I can find inner peace with the world and within myself.

Lily of the Valley-8

The best part of the best fruity perfume? Ageless is made in the USA with the best essential oils and finest natural ingredients, even though it has all of these exotic notes within it! Harvey Prince must really know what he’s doing, especially since all his products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. Hmm… maybe Ageless should be considered the best perfume period, instead of just the best fruity perfume!