Best Hair Mask

Shampoos and conditioners aren’t enough to give my hair the hydration that it needs after years of damaging it with flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers. Just when I thought I was out of luck, a friend of mine introduced me to the best hair mask, Keravegan by Harvey Prince, a 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free hair product. Who knew that it wasn’t my shampoo and conditioner’s fault for not fixing my hair, it was mine for not realizing there’s a third step in the hair care process — the hair mask!


After I lather and rinse with my Hello shampoo and conditioner, the real fun starts with the best hair mask, Keravegan by Harvey Prince. I let this creamy mask soak into my tresses and imagine the powerful argan, coconut and sweet almond oils penetrating my hair to provide nourishment and hydration to every inch. As I run my fingers through my hair, I can already tell the difference! My tresses are silky smooth with no tangles or knots, and that’s before I even rinse the best hair mask out!


When it’s time, I let the best hair mask rinse from my hair, twisting my neck back and forth to catch another whiff of the papaya, lemon and mandarin extracts in Keravegan. When I step out of the shower, I feel like I’m walking on a red carpet with envy-inducing volume and bounce in my hair. It only took a few minutes to completely transform my hair from dry and damaged to soft, touchable and full of life. The only problem with Keravegan?! It takes me a little longer to style my hair because I get so distracted by how incredible it looks that I can’t stop staring in the mirror!


I’m not surprised that the best hair mask, Keravegan by Harvey Prince, is made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. My hair has never experienced such a high quality, luxury product, and has definitely never seen benefits like this before. When I walk down the street, I can feel my hair bouncing behind me with every step that I take. Never again will I hide my tresses in a ponytail or topknot! Thanks to Keravegan, I’m letting my hair fall free and hang gorgeously!