Best Sweet Perfume

A friend of mine came over to help me get ready for a blind date because I was in panic mode about what to wear and how to do my hair and makeup. As soon as we finished picking out the perfect dress and look, she turned to me and said, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” I looked at her confused. What could I possibly have forgotten after all the planning I had put into this evening? Before I could answer, she tossed me a small bottle of fragrance.

Petaly Noir by Harvey Prince.” I said, reading the imprint off of the beautiful and luxurious bottle.

50ml-Petaly-Noir-600x600 (4)


“Also known as the best sweet perfume. Spritz it to see what I mean,” she said.

I took off the cap and released the best sweet perfume into the air with a single soft spritz. Intoxicating notes of night-blooming jasmine, tropical orchid and lily of the valley swirled around me and all I could manage to say was “wow!”


“This is a staple for every first date,” my friend said. “Men get pulled under the spell of the best sweet perfume, Petaly Noir, and are captivated with every word you say after just one whiff of this scent.”

Although it sounded crazy, it was hard to even follow what she was saying because I was so wrapped up in the warm notes of patchouli and amber that had released from the best sweet perfume, Petaly Noir. Hints of soothing vanilla and musk lingered onto my skin as I pulled my wrist up to get a deeper whiff of this magical scent.  All the nerves about my blind date had calmed down and I felt a sense of inner peace thanks to the best sweet perfume.


“Can you believe that a perfume so incredible is 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free?” she asked.

“This must have cost a fortune!” I exclaimed, taken aback that an eco-conscious fragrance could smell so high quality.