Best Holiday Gift for Men

Every year, I search high and low for gifts for the men in my life, mainly, my brother, husband and father. These men have endured countless boring, generic gifts like ties, socks, and dress shirts, and I know this year has to the time to make a change and buy them all gifts they would absolutely love. After spending hours going in and out of crowded shopping malls, I ended up finding the best holiday gift for men online! What is it? BIG, an amazing cologne by Harvey Prince.

big cologne (1)

BIG, the best holiday gift for men, is crafted with citrus notes of Italian mandarin, Barbadian grapefruit, Javanese lemongrass and sweet lemon oil. Notes of Texas cedar wood, cashmeran, and Indian vetiver give BIG  a masculine, strong feel. Warm notes of Tahitian vanilla, Arabian oud, clean musk and amber allow the men in my life to tap into their sensual, loving sides. BIG is the best holiday gift for men because it has as many facets to its scent as the men in my life have to their personalities! Once I had a whiff of BIG, I knew it was truly a departure from the repetitive, unoriginal department store scents I had grown accustomed to. BIG represents everything I love about the men in my life, the way they are strong, yet soft, and calm, but refreshing and invigorating!


The best holiday gift for men should do more than just smell amazing, right? That’s why I was immediately sold on BIG once I found out that all Harvey Prince products are made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. The men in my life love luxury, even if they’re embarrassed to admit it! I knew I wanted to be able to give them a guilt-free gift, so knowing that this cologne is 100% cruelty free, gluten free and vegan really made the decision for me! I never thought that I could buy the same gift for my brother, husband AND father and have all of them love it the same! It’s incredible how this cologne transcends all ages! This Christmas, I’ve already found the best holiday gift for men, BIG cologne by Harvey Prince, in their online store, the only place I go to get the best fragrance deals and discounts online!