Best New Perfume for Women

Do you have any perfume lovers in your life? Surprise them this holiday season with the best new perfume for women under their tree! Eau So Divine, by Harvey Prince, will be a welcome surprise to any perfumista in your life, no matter their age! Mothers, daughters, friends, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers alike will love the best new perfume for women on the market, Eau So Divine! 

eau so divine

Sick of trying to get a salesperson’s attention at overcrowded department store fragrance counters? Heading to the mall is a hassle in the midst of the holiday shopping craze, so purchase the best new perfume for women online and avoid the crowds! Eau So Divine by Harvey Prince is a unique, personal fragrance with floral notes of Japanese lily, Moroccan jasmine, sweet Iris that softly float into the air with each spritz. Warmer notes of Madagascar vanilla, deep Indian patchouli, dry woods and clean musk give this fragrance a sensual, lustful edge. To add a refreshing, invigorating aura to this fragrance, fresh Italian lemon and luminous pink grapefruit notes were included.


Because citrus, floral and deeper notes are used in the best new perfume for women, Eau So Divine, the fragrance is a sweet, feminine perfume that feels balanced, and does not overpower the ladies who wear it. This hand-picked selection of notes makes Eau So Divine the best scent in the art of niche, artisan perfumery not available on the counters of department stores. Gift the ladies in your life the best new perfume for women and allow them to tap into their soft, feminine sides with one sweet spritz of Eau So Divine.


The best new perfume for women not only smells great, but it’s also 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. Each Harvey Prince perfume is crafted in the USA with only the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, so women who have a taste for luxury will welcome this best new perfume for women with open arms! Head to the Harvey Prince online store now to get access to exclusive perfume deals and discounts online, just in time for the holiday season!