Best Luxury Perfumes for Women

Nothing says love like luxury, so if you’re looking for the best luxury perfumes for women this holiday season or just shopping for yourself, look no further than Hello and Sincerely, two of Harvey Prince’s best-selling women’s fragrances.

Looking for a soft, citrus scent? Hello, a fragrance that is sure to put a smile on your face, has citrus notes of lemon, white grapefruit, Satsuma mandarin, and wild verbena.


Floral notes of summer forsythia and pink plumeria add a sense of femininity to the fragrance, while Tahitian vanilla and musk add depth and sensuality. This refreshing scent will take you away from reality to the warm days of spring and summer, where the lemonade is cold and the birds are singing. How do we know Hello is one of the best luxury perfumes for women? Ladies are drawn to the layered floral and citrus notes that give this fragrance a rich feel that is sure to become your next signature scent.

Hello 50ml

If you’re looking for less sugar and more spice when it comes to your fragrance, Sincerely by Harvey Prince is the perfect fit for you. Sincerely is one of the best luxury perfumes for women because it has the power to transport you around the world with just one spritz. The unique blend of Japanese orange flower, Moroccan rose, Indian tuberose, Turkish cyclamen and South African freesia floral scents instantly awakens the senses.



Notes of Indonesian clove bud, Australian sandalwood, French bergamot and Lebanese cedarwood complete your journey around the globe for a transformative experience. This exotic mix of notes combines to make a rare scent that women can only find with Harvey Prince.


All of Harvey Prince’s fragrances are made in the USA with the best essential oils and finest natural ingredients. Because our products are all 100% cruelty free, vegan, gluten-free and safe even for pregnant women, Harvey Prince has the best luxury perfumes for women. With us, luxury does not have to mean unaffordable. Visit our online perfume shop for sales, deals and discounts on the best luxury perfumes for women.