Best Sweet Perfume for Women

Have you been on a tireless search for the best sweet perfume for women? Stop the endless spray and sniff at local cosmetic, beauty and department stores, and visit Harvey Prince online to find the best sweet perfume for women.

Our Eau So Divine perfume, made in the USA from the best essential oils and finest natural ingredients, is 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten-free, unlike other store-bought fragrances. This is a clear choice for the best sweet perfume for women because of its floral notes of delicate Japanese lily, intoxicating Moroccan jasmine and Iris coupled with citrus scents of Italian lemon and pink grapefruit. Once these notes are layered with warm Madagascar vanilla, deep Indian patchouli, sensual dry woods and clean musk, Eau So Divine is complete, and ready to provide you a sweet escape to paradise with the first spritz.


Why is Eau So Divine the best sweet perfume for women? This new perfume has a refreshing scent that complements the woman who wears it, as opposed to overpowering her like run-of-the-mill department store fragrances. The deep layers of patchouli, dry woods and musk allow women to channel both their sweet and sassy sides, while still wearing one of the best sweet perfumes for women.

eau so divine

Finding your signature scent can be hard when cosmetic and department stores have walls of perfumes for you to sniff your way through. Luckily, Harvey Prince has the best sweet perfume for women available for sale online 24/7, where you can find exclusive fragrance deals and discounts.