Best Moisturizing Cream for Women

An essential part of my beauty routine is to apply moisturizer from head to toe. Especially during the cold and windy winter months, my skin can become dry, flaky and rough to the touch. Usually, I don’t get too caught up with how my skin feels but the closer we get to Valentine’s Day, the more I realize it’s time to soften and smooth these dry patches! I wouldn’t trust just any product to do this job! But, since Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, plus made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, I know it’s safe to use the best moisturizing cream for women, Hello Body Cream and Ageless Body Cream.

hello body cream (1)

I already love the scent of the best-selling Harvey Prince fragrance, Hello, so I knew I would love the Hello Body Cream which is infused with its scent. Citrus botanicals and sweet almond oil blend together in this best moisturizing cream for women to create a nourishing and enriching experience for my delicate skin. Shea butter is used to soften rough skin, and it’s so effective that even my dry, flaky elbows and knees feel silky smooth. With a refreshing blend of Sicilian lemon, Spanish mandarin and plumeria botanical extracts, Hello Body Cream, the best moisturizing cream for women, not only hydrates my skin, but also makes me feel refreshed and invigorated.


The other best moisturizing cream for women, Ageless Body Cream, is just as effective when it comes to dealing with my damaged, dry skin, but this one has a fruity and youthful energy to it. Pink grapefruit and vanilla botanical extracts are blended together in Ageless Body Cream to penetrate my skin and provide deep, long-lasting moisture from the inside out. I use the best moisturizing cream for women every morning when I step out of the shower to lock the moisture into my skin, and every evening before I crawl into bed with my husband, so I can be guaranteed to have silky, touchable skin!

ageless body cream

Thanks to the best moisturizing creams for women by Harvey Prince, I never have to worry about the feel or look of my skin. Hello Body Cream and Ageless Body Cream are light enough to wear in the hot, humid days of summer, and moisturizing enough to wear in the dry days of winter. I love alternating between the two of these products, some days feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, and others feeling energetic and playful. Throughout the day, I catch a whiff of the best moisturizing cream for women on my skin, and smile at their uplifting scents. It’s so nice to have skin that feels as good as it smells!