Best Romantic Perfume for Women

Forget the lit candles or dimmed lights! I don’t have to use any of these gimmicks to tell my husband I’m in the mood for romance. We both know that the best way to set a romantic tone on Valentine’s Day is with a few spritzes of the best romantic perfume for women, Bailando by Harvey Prince, a 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free fragrance.


I’ve never been to the Caribbean, but with every spritz of the best romantic perfume for women, Bailando by Harvey Prince, I am immediately transported to these warm, tropical islands. Exotic floral notes of Japanese orange flower, Moroccan rose and Indian jasmine are released into the air around me, lightly brushing against my skin where they linger all evening. These notes are so pure and fresh, it’s as if my husband just brought me home dozens of bouquets of rare flowers!And, best of all, unlike other floral perfumes, Bailando is understated and doesn’t overwhelm me or my husband!


As I walk down the streets of this imaginary tropical island that Bailando has created with its sweet aroma, I am greeted by a blend of warm Australian sandalwood, dry woods, musk and Madagascar vanilla and a burst of refreshing Spanish mandarin. These deeper notes in Bailando strike a perfect balance with the light, floral scent, making me feel more feminine and sensual all at once. I begin to feel the rhythm of these vibrant notes pulsing through my body as my body starts to sway to some music far off in the distance. I clasp my husband’s hands, and we begin to move to our own beat, dancing together as one. The best romantic perfume for women sets the perfect stage for an evening of romance,all you have to do is spritz it!


Each spritz of the best romantic perfume for women, Bailando by Harvey Prince, brings my husband and me closer together, and that’s not just on Valentine’s Day. My husband knows that Bailando is the perfect way to create a romantic atmosphere, so he sometimes spritzes it on my pillow or throughout our home to surprise me after work. When I walk in the door and am greeted with this romantic fragrance, made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, I know I’m in for an evening of passion and intimacy. After discovering Bailando, we never have to make elaborate, detailed plans for nights out together again! All we have to do is buy a bottle of the best romantic perfume for women, and enjoy an evening together, just the three of us, my husband, me, and Bailando of course!