Best Moisturizing Creams for Women

Have you ever noticed that it’s so easy to find a moisturizer for your face, but so difficult to find a good one for the rest of your body? Why do some beauty companies only sell quality products for a tiny part of your skin? I had almost given up hope on finding the best moisturizing creams for women, but then I stumbled upon Hello Body Cream and Ageless Body Cream by Harvey Prince, and I’ll never have to search again!

ageless body cream

One of the best moisturizing creams for women, Ageless Body Cream, is a youthful cream with extracts of pink grapefruit and vanilla botanicals seamlessly blended together in harmony. Not only is the smell divine, but the effects it has on my skin are out of this world! Shea butter, grapefruit botanicals and plant proteins combine to soothe and smooth my skin, even the rough patches on my knees and elbows. When I’m done applying this product from head to toe, I feel energetic and full of life, and my skin is so touchable and silky smooth.

hello body cream (1)

On days when I want to switch my routine up, I reach for another one of the best moisturizing creams for women, Hello Body Cream by Harvey Prince. Just like Ageless Body Cream, this cream uses Shea butter to soften and nourish my damaged skin. With a blend of Sicilian lemon, Spanish mandarin and plumeria botanical extracts, I can’t stop smelling myself…wow, what an irresistible scent! So many body creams leave that gross, slimy layer on top of your skin so you feel like you’re sliding around all day on a sticky layer of lotion, but not the best moisturizing creams for women! These luscious formulas sink deep into my skin to moisturize from the inside out.


Between these two best moisturizing creams for women, I have my beauty routine down pat. These creams are light enough to be worn in the summer, but moisturizing enough to help my wind-battered skin in the winter. I know I’ll never have any surprise skin irritation since Harvey Prince
products are made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. These luxury beauty products don’t come at a high cost to your wallet or to the world! Harvey Prince products are not only affordably priced, but they’re also 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. I recommend the best moisturizing creams for women to all of my friends, so we can all say Hello to Ageless, nourished skin together!