Best Subscription Box for Women

All of the best gifts tell a story, so I was truly touched to receive the best subscription box for women, The Story of Perfume by Harvey Prince, from my husband as a surprise “I love you” gift. Unlike other presents, this subscription box filled with hair, skin, bath and fragrance products tells a new story every month, keeping me guessing and appreciative of my husband’s love and thoughtfulness.

story of perfume

I just received the best subscription box for women in the mail, and the January box is more incredible than I could have ever imagined. As I unfolded the beautiful, colorful tissue paper, I stepped into Italy with The Story of Perfume as my tour guide. Each month’s box features two private blend Harvey Prince fragrances that are exclusive to subscribers like me, and this month’s fragrances were inspired by Harvey’s travels to the country of Italy. D’Amore, a blend of Italian bergamot, sensual Cypress oil, lily, cyclamen and sweet pink grapefruit danced around me as I slowly faded away to the Venetian canals of Italy. I could feel the gentle sway of the gondola, the soft singing of our gondolier’s voice, and my husband’s arm wrapped around my shoulders. We faded into one of the lover’s tunnels and embraced in a kiss.


The second exclusive perfume in the best subscription box for women, Baciami, is my favorite item in this month’s The Story of Perfume box. To me, Baciami told a story with every spritz of a beautiful, elegant woman sitting alone at Rome’s Trevi Fountain, surrounded by years of history and art, when a handsome man approached her, drawn in by her scent. Calla lily, jasmine, brown sugar and warm vanilla filled the air around them as the stars slowly made their way into the sky. I may have a husband, but I can still dream of these enchanting fairytales thanks to the powerful stories within each fragrance in the best subscription box for women, The Story of Perfume.

italy 2

Besides these romantic and alluring exclusive fragrances, the best subscription box for women, The Story of Perfume, also contains samples of two best-selling fragrances from Harvey Prince and samples from their bath, hair and body lines. Each of these products is made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, but still reminiscent of Italian culture, history and beauty. I can slip away into these daydreams without a care in the world since Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. I can’t wait to see where The Story of Perfume, the best subscription box for women, takes me next month! Where in the world will I end up? I’m eager to hear the story!