Best New Perfume

I pride myself on being the first to find out about new brands, products and beauty treatments within my group of friends. Everyone comes to me to find out what the latest trends are and what products they should be buying. I have quite the reputation to uphold, so it shocked me when I noticed my friend was wearing a scent that I didn’t recognize. Casually, I tried to ask her what it was without admitting that I didn’t know but she caught on quick.

“Haven’t you heard of D’Amore by Harvey Prince? It’s the best new perfume,” she said.

Harvey Prince?” I asked, confused as to why I didn’t recognize the brand. “I’ve never seen their brand in department stores.”


“That’s because Harvey Prince is only sold in the Harvey Prince online store so he can offer exclusive perfume deals and discounts to customers. It’s a revolutionary brand that crafts 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free fragrances, all made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. D’Amore is their best new perfume, but there are MANY incredible scents,” she explained as she grabbed my wrist and rolled on D’Amore.

Notes of Italian bergamot, Cypress oil and sweet pink grapefruit immediately awakened my senses. I closed my eyes, imagining myself floating down a Venetian canal in a beautiful gondola.

“The best new perfume is so romantic and exotic!” I exclaimed.


“It’s inspired by the country of Italy, so of course, Harvey Prince only used the most exotic and rare Italian notes to craft this luxurious scent,” she said.

As she spoke, notes of lily, jasmine, cyclamen and blond woods wrapped around me in a soft embrace. “I feel like D’Amore is handing me a bouquet of beautiful flowers, all just for me!” I said.

“It’s a pretty powerful scent,” she laughed, “that’s why I think it’s the best new perfume! Don’t you love the notes of vanilla, musk, vetiver, tonka bean, sandalwood and…”


“Patchouli…mmm…” I finished her sentence, savoring one of my all-time favorite fragrance notes. “I can’t believe that the best new perfume, D’Amore is such an experience for all of my senses! Can you send me the link to the Harvey Prince online store?”

“One step ahead of you,” she said as I saw her texting me a link.