Best Everyday Perfume

In just a few months, I’m taking off with my boyfriend for a romantic trip around the world. Because we’ll be traveling so much, I don’t want to lug around multiple suitcases, so I’m trying to condense everything into one bag. I called my friend over to my house to help me pack, and she couldn’t believe the number of beauty products I was taking with me!

“You’ve got to cut down the size of this bag,” she said, pointing to my beauty bag.

I unzipped it to reveal a number of fragrance bottles, skin care and makeup items. “But I need everything in here…” I said, trying to justify my behavior.

50ml-Hello-600x600 (9)

“Why do you need all of these bottles?!” she asked, amazed at the number I had piled into my suitcase. “You don’t need ten different perfumes, just take the best everyday perfume, Hello by Harvey Prince!”

She rummaged into her own bag and found a lightweight, sleek looking bottle that she spritzed into the air right away. Notes of Meyer lemon, white grapefruit and Satsuma mandarin filled the air.

My friend explained, “Harvey Prince uses citrus notes in the best everyday perfume to invigorate and refresh the mind, body and senses. It’s like Hello is saying good morning to you with every spritz!”


As the citrus notes began to fade away, I closed my eyes and whiffed the beautiful floral notes of summer forsythia, pink plumeria and wild verbena. It was as if I could feel their blooms opening up toward the sky as the warm sunshine smiled down on us.

Hello is so light,” I remarked. “It feels like the first day of spring when the snow is melting and people begin making their way back outside.”

She nodded along explaining, “Harvey Prince goes to great lengths to create beautiful experiences for each of his fragrances, which are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, by the way.”


“Really? Eco-conscious? I never thought I would be the type of girl to…” I trailed off.

“Don’t worry, they’re made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. I know you love luxury, and you don’t have to sacrifice it with Harvey Prince and the best everyday perfume.”

As she spoke, I could smell the warm notes of vanilla and musk emerge from Hello and linger on my skin. Losing track of time, she began calling my name to snap me out of my springtime fantasy. Finally, she burst into giggles, “I think you’re ready to say Hello to the Harvey Prince online store and the best everyday perfume!”