Best Perfumes for Fall

When the air gets chilly and the leaves turn brown, that’s your cue to switch from your light, summer scents to a more sensual fall fragrance. So, what are the best perfumes for fall? Temptress and Sincerely by Harvey Prince are top fall fragrances! Which one is the right scent for you?

Temptress is a fun and flirty scent for women who want to light up a room and steal the show the second they walk in. This seductive scent blends floral notes of lavender, jasmine, freesia and ylang ylang with seasonal notes of pumpkin pie, nutmeg, cinnamon and ambers to help you set the mood for fall.

cinnamon stick

To top it all off, Temptress contains a note of citrus to ease your transition from summer to fall. We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, which is why the pumpkin pie note makes this flirty scent one of the best perfumes for fall!

Shouldn’t the best perfumes for fall transport you to the beaches of Australia or the flowerbeds of Japan? Sincerely by Harvey Prince, will take women on a mystical and unpredictable trip around the world with just one sensual spritz.


One of the best-selling Harvey Prince fragrances, Sincerely is an invigorating scent made up of an exotic combination of notes. The floral notes of Japanese orange flower, Moroccan rose, Indian tuberose, Turkish cyclamen and South African freesia add a delicate, feminine scent, while the deeper notes of Indonesian clove bud, Australian sandalwood, and Lebanese cedarwood provide a rich, autumn scent, making Sincerely one of the best perfumes for fall.

rose (1)

Need more proof that Sincerely and Temptress are the best perfumes for fall? These two scents, along with all other Harvey Prince products, are made in the USA with only the best essential oils and finest natural ingredients. Harvey Prince products are also 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. Shop the best perfumes for fall (and all other seasons!) at the Harvey Prince online shop, the only place to get exclusive perfume deals and discounts!