Best Sea Salt Spray

When I was growing up, I lived so close to the beach that I could escape to the shore whenever I needed a break from reality. Taking a quick dip in the ocean not only calmed my mind, but also gave me incredible, red carpet-worthy hair. The salt water would make my hair look effortlessly wavy and chic. A few years ago, I moved away from the beach and now I miss the ocean waves and sand beneath my toes every day of my life! But, what I really miss the most is the fact that I can’t get those natural soft beach waves in my hair anymore! Thank goodness I found the best sea salt spray, the Sea Salt Texturizing Mist by Harvey Prince.


A few spritzes into my dry or damp hair, and I can’t help but flip my hair around, marveling at the natural waves created with just one hair product. You would not believe the trouble I used to go through to recreate these natural waves. Blow drying, using a curling iron and spraying a million different harmful chemicals in my hair…yuck! I can’t believe this whole time all I needed was the best sea salt spray, the Sea Salt Texturizing Mist by Harvey Prince.


Even when I go home to visit family during the holidays, I can’t jump right into the ocean because the temperatures are just way too cold! Good thing I carry the best sea salt spray with me, so I can get summer, beach-inspired waves no matter what the temperature is outside! Seeing my tousled waves in the mirror instantly reminds me of home and the days of stretching out across the sand, with only the sound of the waves filling my mind. The best sea salt spray lets me life this beach bum life with gorgeous locks, even when I’m thousands of miles away from shore!


I only use eco-conscious products, and I am so thrilled Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, so I don’t have to sacrifice my beliefs for this great product. Harvey Prince products, including the best sea salt spray, are made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils so using this Sea Salt Texturizing Mist is like lounging on the most private, high-end beach! I never want to see my hair without the luscious waves the best sea salt spray gives me, so you better believe I’m constantly reordering in the Harvey Prince online store. What are you waiting for? Surf’s up!