Best Spring Perfume

Sometimes on very calm, quiet evenings when the weather is cool, I take the long way home from work so I can take a stroll through a beautiful garden of flowers in my neighborhood. I love seeing all of the bright blooms, especially now that it’s spring, and having the scent of each of these flowers linger on my skin for hours afterward. One evening, I was enjoying my walk as usual when I smelled an unfamiliar scent. I looked around and noticed another girl standing nearby me. As I got closer to her, I realized that the intoxicating floral scent wasn’t from one of the flowers at all, but it was from her!

“Excuse me, where did you get that incredible perfume that you’re wearing?” I asked.

“Oh this?” she asked, lifting her wrist to my nose. “This is the best spring perfume, Perfumista  by Harvey Prince.”


As I took a deep whiff of Perfumista, I understood immediately why she called it the best spring perfume. Notes of Moroccan jasmine and lily of the valley swam through the air, much more potent than any of the flowers around us.

“Wow, that’s incredible!” I told her.


“I know, you just can’t find a blend of notes like this anywhere else,” she said. “What other 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free fragrance do you know of that combines exotic floral notes with bergamot, sandalwood, amber and musk?” she asked, already knowing that the answer was none.

“It’s eco-conscious?” I asked, surprised that something that smelled so good could be so karma-free.


“Oh, definitely! The best spring perfume is made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, too. Harvey Prince is unlike any other brand that you’ve ever experienced. I can guarantee you that!”

“I don’t know how I’ve missed Perfumista when I go to the mall. I’ll have to check again…” I trailed off as she interrupted.

“It’s not at the mall. Just go to the Harvey Prince online store. After you see the deals and discounts on the best spring perfume, you’ll never go to the mall again!”

I usually savored every minute that I had alone in my walks home through the garden, but today, I put an extra skip in my step to get home as soon as possible to order the best spring perfume, Perfumista