Best Vegan Perfumes

“I’m going vegan,” my friend Sarah announced to me one day out of nowhere. “Do you want some of these old perfumes of mine that don’t fit my new lifestyle?” she asked.

“Perfumes? I thought vegan was a type of diet, what does that have to do with the perfume you wear?” I asked.

“Vegan is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle,” she explained, shaking her head. “From now on, I’m only wearing fragrances that are free of animal ingredients and cruelty-free, meaning they weren’t tested on animals as they were being made. Thankfully, Harvey Prince makes the best vegan perfumes!”

harvey woman

“Harvey who?” I asked as she laughed at my ignorance.

Harvey Prince! All their products are made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, and they’re also 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. He’s even a gold-level business friend to PETA because of his dedication to protecting animals,” she explained.

“Well, what do the best vegan perfumes smell like?” I asked, picking up a bottle of Temptress.  Instantly, my senses were greeted by the intoxicating combination of lavender and pumpkin pie. Underneath these scents, I could make out floral notes of jasmine, freesia and my favorite, ylang-ylang. “Wow, that’s incredible!” I exclaimed.

50ml-Tempress-600x600 (3)

“I know, there’s a reason why I said Harvey Prince [] makes the best vegan perfumes! What do you think of this one?” she asked, holding up another bottle to my nose. I took a deep whiff as every muscle in my bottle relaxed at once. I could imagine the thoughts rushing out of my head, leaving me with a clear mind and a calm soul.

“How did you just do that?” I asked in awe.

Yogini by Harvey Prince, just another one of the best vegan perfumes. It’s like stepping onto a yoga mat but in bottle form,” she joked.

50ml-Yogini-600x600 (3)

“Where did you get all of these fragrances?” I asked, enjoying the jasmine, rose petals and lily of the valley that lingered from Yogini.

“The Harvey Prince online store! It’s the only place to get exclusive deals and discounts on the best vegan perfumes. Don’t worry, I’ll send you a link,” she said as we laughed.