Best Sweet Perfume

I love sexy and seductive perfumes, but sometimes I just prefer to wear something a little sweeter. After trying out all of the generic, overpriced department store perfumes, I felt like these brands only knew how to make sweet perfumes for teenage girls! I wondered to myself, is it possible to make the best sweet perfume for women? Harvey Prince makes it possible with Eau So Divine fragrance, clearly the best sweet perfume on the market.

eau so divine

One whiff of this sweet fragrance and I no longer wondered why Harvey Prince decided to call this fragrance divine. It’s pretty self-explanatory! The floral notes of Japanese lily, Moroccan jasmine and fresh iris slowly release into the air and embrace me with their incredible scents. Madagascar vanilla, Indian patchouli, clean musk and dry woods add depth to this sweet, yet sensual fragrance. Finally, notes of lemon and grapefruit add a refreshing zest to this scent. Together, these notes combine as one in Eau So Divine, the best sweet perfume.


I love spritzing this sweet fragrance on my body whendonning my most feminine, delicate dress. When I wear Eau So Divine, I feel like a beautiful woman, who can get in touch with her soft side. This sweet perfume uplifts me with its beauty and transports me far away to a field of flowers where the stresses of my life slide off of my shoulders. I feel like such a lady when I wear Eau So Divine, thatI even insist on my boyfriend opening the car door and pulling out chairs for me! Hey, he should be doing that anyways!


Eco-consciousness has never smelled so sweet. I’m wary of what I put on my body, especially after reading the labels of all the generic department store fragrances I used to own…yuck! If you can’t even pronounce the chemicals, they should definitely not go on your body! But with Harvey Prince, I know that all products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. To sweeten the deal, Harvey Prince crafts all their products in the USA with the best essential oils and finest natural ingredients. Speaking of sweet deals, I visit the Harvey Prince online store on an almost daily basis to see what new and exciting discounts I can get on the best sweet perfumes. Who knew affordable luxury could smell so sweet?