Best Romantic Perfume

Scent can really set the mood for my romantic life, and when I need the best romantic perfume, I grab Bailando by Harvey Prince and spritz all over my body. Whether I’m planning a hot date night out on the town, or staying in for a sensual night at home, Bailando is the best romantic perfume to light my fire. I’m a huge fan of Harvey Prince fragrances, and with each new one that is created, I fall in love deeper and deeper, even though I never thought I could love this brand any more than I already do!


Bailando is Spanish for “dancing” and I totally understand why Harvey Prince chose this fitting name. When I put this on, not only do I instantly feel the need for romance, my boyfriend suddenly wants to pull me close and take me dancing. It’s like Bailando is my magic potion, and when I spritz it on my body, I have total control of my romance and the evening. Like I can cast some sort of romance spell on my boyfriend! Ladies, I think all of us have wished to be able to do this before!


Bailando’s floral notes of Japanese orange flower, Moroccan rose and Indian jasmine release gently onto my skin with a soft kiss. Its Spanish mandarin, Madagascar vanilla, clean musk, Australian sandalwood and dry woods awaken my senses and put me in touch with my sensual side…and my boyfriend’s! I like to spritz this romantic perfume all around me, close my eyes, and imagine a sultry night dancing on cobblestone streets in Cuba. That’s the kind of power the best romantic perfume has over me! It literally transports me to another place entirely. I’ve never experienced this kind of perfume before!


Bailando, the newest Harvey Prince fragrance and best romantic perfume, is 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free, just like all the other Harvey Prince products I love! Nothing says romance like a little luxury, and clearly Harvey Prince agrees with me. Their products are made in the USA with only the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. My heart is already fluttering with excitement! I can’t wait to head to the Harvey Prince online store and buy another bottle of the best romantic perfume, Bailando! So what are you waiting for, ladies?!