Best Sweet Perfume

I walked into my friend’s house to pick her up for a dinner that we had planned when I smelled something familiar. Years ago, I traveled to the Trevi Fountain in Italy and it was such a memorable experience that when I close my eyes, I can still hear the calm lull of the people around me and feel the presence of the mighty Baroque statues. Something about the smell in her house brought me back to the beauty of the Trevi Fountain.

“Megan?” I called out and heard her voice coming from her bedroom. “What’s that scent?”


She opened her bedroom door and said, “It’s the best sweet perfume, Baciami by Harvey Prince.”

Baciami? So it is Italian! I knew it!” I said reaching for the bottle on her nightstand. I rolled the scent on my pulse points and felt the fresh lemon, tangy cassis and ripe pineapple awaken my senses the second I applied it.


“Yep! It’s inspired by Italy, but it’s made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils,” she said. “Not only is it the best sweet perfume, but Baciami is like a man trap! Men get lured in by the scent of it and end up coming closer and closer to you just to get a better whiff!”

As the sweet notes of jasmine and calla lily swirled around me, I thought of how I could have used Baciami to grab a handsome Italian man during my time in Italy. If only Baciami had been with me on my trip! My thoughts were interrupted by my friend’s voice.

“You should really go to the Harvey Prince online store! The best sweet perfume and all their other products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. Oh, and they add new luxury fragrances all the time, so there’s always something brand new to try out! I love having so many options!”

“Why would you ever want to try anything else besides Baciami?” I asked as notes of warm brown sugar, sandalwood, vanilla and musk made their way to my senses. I couldn’t believe so many incredible scents were packed in such a small bottle!


“Why not?” she answered. “Everything is so affordably priced that it’s easy to try out as many fragrances as I want without feeling guilty!”

Eco-conscious, high quality, exotic scents that are also low-priced? I couldn’t wait until after dinner to get my hands on Harvey Prince and the best sweet perfume!

“Do you mind if we make a pit stop on the way to dinner?” I asked.  “I need to go home and make a few orders in the Harvey Prince online store!”