Best Valentine’s Gift for Women

Why do all of these magazines and commercials tell men that women want chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s Day? Of course, with any gift it’s the thought that counts, but when will men realize that all women want is an incredible scent like Hello by Harvey Prince, the best Valentine’s gift for women?!


A spritz of Hello can put a smile on my face no matter what mood I’m in because of its refreshing citrus notes of Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, Satsuma mandarin and wild verbena. As I softly inhale, I imagine the scent traveling through my body and gently awakening every inch of my being, making me feel lighter and filled with a new burst of energy. Sweet floral notes of summer forsythia and pink plumeria follow these zesty citrus scents in Hello, making me feel feminine and delicate. Together, these citrus and floral notes transport me to the sunny days of spring, even in the middle of winter. The best Valentine’s gift for women, Hello by Harvey Prince, can be worn year-round to carry a little piece of springtime sunshine with me wherever you go!


Warm notes of Tahitian vanilla and musk lie at the base of the best Valentine’s gift for women, Hello by Harvey Prince. With these deeper notes, Hello has a sensual scent that makes me feel confident and sexy. I know my husband will love Hello as much as I do, because of the playful and flirty side it brings out in me. Not only is Hello sweet and refreshing, but it’s also vibrant and passionate, making it pleasing for both men and women. Each spritz I put on myself is like a fragrant gift to my husband as well, so of course this is the best Valentine’s gift for women!


Giving the gift of a fragrance is intimate and personal, telling your girlfriend or wife that you took time to think about what to surprise her with. Because Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free and made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils, ladies like me will love that our men took time to think about how our product was made, and not just what it smells like. This Valentine’s Day, the word is out! I just hope that my husband gets the memo that all I want is the best Valentine’s gift for women, Hello by Harvey Prince.