Harvey Prince designs and sells the best perfumes for women. Founded in 2008, we have expanded our line of fragrances from our first scent, Ageless, the best anti-aging perfume with youthful pink grapefruit and mango, to 23 of the most desirable, top fragrances in the market. We create scents of purpose: to empower, energize and uplift you. We sell the best sexy, happy, sweet, relaxing and flirty perfumes, all meant to make you feel beautiful, healthy and your best.

Harvey Prince perfumes for women are all available in our Online Store right at your fingertips 24/7.Our Online Store features an array of fragrances to best suit your individual mood, style and personality. Start off with one perfume then try more! Ourfragrancesare for the many unique facets of you. Indulge your senses anddiscover which perfumes are best for you!

Feeling flirty? Try Temptress perfume, with its warmblend of pumpkin pie and lavender notes that research showsarouse men the most! A modern-day love potion, Temptress also includes notes of spicy nutmeg and cinnamon along with sweet freesia and ylang-ylang. Temptress is the best flirty perfume, turning heads and making you the center of attention no matter where you are!

Feeling down? Spritz Hello perfume for an instant pick-me-up. Hello, the best happy perfume, will uplift you with Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, wild verbena, summer forsythia and pink plumeria, reminding you of spring’s warm embrace.
Hello-50ml-NewHello Perfume

Work has you stressed? Wishing for an extended vacation? Let your anxieties melt away with a whiff of the best relaxing perfume, Yogini. Soothing notes of sensual incense, Egyptian myrrh, deep sandalwood and star jasmine calm your mind and relieve your senses.

Heading out for the night and want to rev up your sexiness? Petaly Noir’s bouquet of rich florals will stir you with its heady, intoxicatingly sexy fragrance. Notes of hypnotic tropical orchid, lush lily of the valley, night-blooming jasmine and deep patchouli arouse your femininity with Petaly Noir, best sexy perfume.
Petaly-Noir-50mlPetaly Noir Perfume

Looking for the best sweet perfume? A delicate and elegant fragrance that lures you with its dewy, soft notes? Signature perfume combines the luminous sweetness of regal rajnigandha (tuberose), sacred lotus, Hawaiian jasmine and Japanese honeysuckle with refreshing, clean citrus, Japanese Mikan and anti-aging pink grapefruit. A light but distinctive fragrance, Signature perfume is designed to be your “signature” scent. The one you wear everyday—perfect not only for special occasions but all occasions. Signature is completelyversatile from early mornings to late evenings and is the best sweet perfume for women.
Signature-50-mlSignature Perfume

Whichever Harvey Prince fragrance best captures your current mood, browse our Online Store and find the best sexy, flirty, relaxing and sweet perfumes to make you happy! If you’re looking for a great deal on perfume, check out our Sale Section, which features a selection of the best fragrance discounts online!