Since our founding in 2007, Harvey Prince has had a simple but honest philosophy: Animals’ lives are precious, just as ours are. As such, we at Harvey Prince do not test any of our fragrances, beauty, bath, or hair care items on animals & never will.

Our products are also completely vegan, with no animal ingredients or derivatives. Our products is dedicated to the mission of being cruelty free & vegan. We do this so that you can enjoy your karma-free beauty products without any concern, worry, or guilt on whether animals were harmed in any way.

Harvey Prince usesonly the finest essential oils & natural ingredients in our products. For your health &well being, there are no potentially harmful or toxic chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, sulfates, benzene, GMOs or triclosan in our products.

We are also a fair trade & fair share company, working with individuals around the world — from small towns in America to the Himalayas in India — to find uniquely beautiful ingredients &essential oils, all made with immense care by people whose lives have been changed by the availability of safe, clean work, fair wages, and mutual respect for Mother Earth. Harvey Prince believes how you shop can really make a difference.

The Harvey Prince Promise

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