Lotus (Nelumbonucifera) has many different names including Indian lotus, sacred lotus and bean of India. It is native to tropical Asia and parts of Australia. Lotus grows in the soil at the bottom of a pond or river, its leaves float on top of the water and its flowers rise on thick stems above the leaves. Lotus blossoms are significant in Hinduism and Buddhism representing purity and non-attachment. Lotus blossoms have a scent profile that is ethereal, sweet and dewy. Harvey Prince uses lotus blossom in Signature perfume a top fragrance for women.

LotusLotus Blossom

Signature perfume is fresh, feminine and youthful. Its fragrant combination of the best floral notes includes lush lotus blossom (sacred lotus), intoxicating Hawaiian jasmine, regal rajnigandha (tuberose) and sweet Japanese honeysuckle. Refreshing citrus notes such as Japanese Mikan and youthful pink grapefruit give Signature perfume a light, clean aroma. At its base, Signature perfume contains exotic amber, sensual patchouli and warm Madagascar vanilla.

Signature-50-mlSignature Perfume

Versatile in its composition, Signature is the best perfume for any and every occasion. Designed to be your “signature” scent, spritz Signature on for work and for pleasure and feel feminine always. Signature will quickly become every woman’s favorite signature scent because it is made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. Ladies can apply this scent and feel guilt-free becauseall Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. Make a splash anywhere and everywhere you go with this versatile, day-to-night perfume. Sexy and confident has never smelled so good! Signature’s sweet scent unfolds on your body like a perfumed lotus blossom, gently unraveling its many beautiful layers. Signature perfume brings out the best in you!


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