Iris is a genus of flowering plant from the Iridaceae family with up to 300 species. Among the many Iris species, there is a kaleidoscope of colors from purple to blue, red to yellow. Iris grows all over the world, particularly in temperate climates in the Northern hemisphere. Iris is used in aromatherapy as a relaxant and a sedative.Orris oil, which is essential oil from the root of Iris, is used in fine perfumes and has a scent similar to that of violets. Iris, a mysterious, fragrant flower, pairs well with other floral notes like rose and jasmine, making a delicate, elegant bouquet for your senses! Some women love to use the powerful scent of Iris flowers to aid in meditation. Its calming properties soothe the mind, body and soul, and allow women to escape from the hassles of daily life. This truly exquisite flower is the perfect addition to the best fragrances for women. Harvey Prince uses Iris in its best selling fruity, floral Skinny Chic perfume.

IrisIris Flower

Skinny Chic is a clean, fresh fragrance with an energizing, uplifting scent. Along with earthy Iris, Skinny Chic perfume has notes of crisp green apple, youthful grapefruit, tangy bergamot, refreshing marine mint, sweet lotus blossom, spicy fennel, deep white cedarwood and warm amber. A spritz of Skinny Chic will leave you feeling invigorated and rejuvenated. It is a delicate and delicious mix of fruity and floral notes blended in the best Iris perfume!
Skinny-Chic-50MLSkinny Chic Perfume

Skinny Chic is also the best weight loss fragrance. Designed to help curb your cravings, Skinny Chic’s notes of clean green apple, refreshing grapefruit, light bergamot, zesty mint and spicy fennel are shown to reduce your appetite. Research indicates that these scents help reduce food cravings by triggering a response in our brain whereby we feel a sense of being satisfied though we haven’t actually eaten them. Skinny Chic is the best diet perfume that will help you shed pounds with a single whiff!
AppleGreen Apple

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