Why We’re Loving Coconuts – And You Should Too

We know we’re not alone in how the scent of coconut has the ability to transport us to a beautiful tropical island when used in our favorite body products and the best fragrances. Even when we’re not able to afford a luxury tropical vacation, we can still appreciate where these wonderful plants come from. However, these versatile trees are not merely found in the islands of the Caribbean and Pacific, they are also native to countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil, the Maldives, and India. No matter where they’re cultivated from, we’ve researched our favorite beauty tips for coconuts and came up with a list of how coconuts can change your life for the better.


Nowadays, it’s hard not to view coconuts splattered across our favorite fitness and beauty pages. In fact, coconut water is now promoted as a natural energy or sports drink having low levels of fat, carbohydrates, and calories, and significant electrolyte content. Not to be confused with coconut water, coconut milk is the liquid that comes from the grated meat of the brown coconut. Both are extremely hydrating, while coconut milk has a high fat content that is mainly used for cooking.


Derived from the meat of the coconut, coconut oil is not only amazing to cook with for its sweet flavor and digestive properties, but it is also amazing for skin and hair care. In its extra virgin organic grade form, coconut oil has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that help with symptoms associated with rosacea, psoriasis, eczema because it naturally cools and balances the skin. Due to its chemical structure and hydrating properties, coconut oil has been cultivated into the best body butters and moisturizers that are safe enough for daily use.


Here are some beauty tips that you can use to replace your favorite products!


  • When your lips are feeling chapped or in need of some hydration, use coconut oil on your lips for some added moisture, or even as a top coat to make your favorite matte lipsticks less drying.
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  • On days when you’ve treated yourself to a manicure, rub some coconut oil on your cuticles to ensure that your cuticles will not dry out and your hands will contain their freshly manicured glow.
  • When you want to ensure that your legs stay silky smooth, lather coconut oil on your legs instead of shaving cream to ensure that your legs are hydrated and to prevent irritation.
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  • Organic, virgin coconut oil can even prevent stretch marks and make existing stretch marks less visible – making it a must have for pregnant mamas during their pregnancies.

We at Harvey Prince love coconut oil so much, we’ve cultivated the essence of coconut into an organic, hydrating, repairing hair masque called Eau So Smooth. Our masque includes the best organic shea butter and argan oil combined with the finest coconut oil to leave your hair shiny and beautiful. Our special formulation is designed to give you your most luxuriously silky and amazingly soft hair! Slather on the goodness into your hands, massage into your hair during your shower, and watch as your dry, dead hair transforms itself into Eau so Smooth gorgeousness.


If you barely recognize yourself in the mirror when you wake up in the morning because your hair has become such a catastrophe (you’re not alone!), then Eau So Smooth is your new hair savior! The coconut oil in Eau So Smooth is proven to not only hydrate your dead, dry hair, but it will also reverse the years of damage that your hair has undergone! With Eau So Smooth, you’ll have deeply moisturized, silky smooth hair, and look and feel your best everyday!

For those of us who need some additional moisture in our lives, Eau so Smooth is the best hydrating hair product! Simply wash your hair first with our revitalizing sulfate-free Hello Shampoo and our nourishing sulfate-free Hello Conditioner, then follow with Eau So Smooth for maximum softness and smoothness in your locks!


You can either let your hair air dry or style it as desired to reveal your newly hydrated locks to the world!

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And stay tuned! We can’t wait to show the amazing products we’re developing so that you can enjoy them and fall in love with coconut, too!