Saffron – The Spice of Royalty

If you’re familiar with the cuisine from Iran, Spain, or India, there’s a great possibility that you’ve come in contact with saffron. This delectable spice takes your favorite dish to the next level of deliciousness! In ancient times, this spice was even used to treat illnesses, dye clothing, create perfumes, and achieve cleanliness. If you happen to have never experienced saffron for yourself, allow us at Harvey Prince to introduce you to the many uses of saffron and why we’ve started incorporating this exclusive spice in some of our most unique, artesian fragrances.


Cultivated from the flower Crocus Sativus, today, most of the world’s saffron grows from the western part of Europe in Spain to further southeast to India. However, saffron was originally refined in present-day Greece and Southwest Asia. In fact, the earliest records of saffron date back to the 7th century BC Assyrian empire. It also made its way to ancient China and Kashmir in India, where it gained popularity due in part to its famous rich golden-yellow hue. In fact, the Kashmiri saffron was creating into remedies that helped people battle depression!


Here’s some fun facts about saffron to help you understand why we find this spice so regal!

  • Thought to have healing properties, Alexander the Great engaged in the Persian ritual of bathing with saffron during one of his excursions and brought this practice to Ancient Greece.
  • Saffron3

  • Buddhist monks opted to use saffron-dyed robes (though they later used turmeric as it was a less expensive spice)
  • Saffron4

  • Cleopatra often bathed in saffron infused water to make her lovemaking more enjoyable
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  • Chinese herbalists found Kashmiri saffron to be the saffron that was cultivated to be offered as sacrifices to Buddha
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Due to our fascination with saffron, our perfumers at Harvey Prince have blended and formulated the most unique, artesian fragrance that highlights the sweet, honey-like scent of this exotic spice. We wanted to capture the essence of royalty and transport you to ancient times where Kashmiri saffron was thought to be the highest quality spice for purchase. Perfumistas will also love the one of a kind fragrance that we’ve cultivated to bring out the goddess in you!

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Whiff Love Box - Eva

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