Musk is a versatile ingredient in perfumery that forms the foundation of practically all accord fragrances as a base note. It is also found in single-note scents such as Harvey Prince’s best selling Clean Musk. The scent of natural musk has been described in many different terms, ranging from sweet, powdery and creamy to leathery, woody and animalic.

Historically, musk was obtained from adult male musk deers, which are from the Moschidae family. These Himalayan deers have a musk gland that is found in a sac between their genitals and umbilicus. The scent produced by this musk gland is believed to attract female musk deers and to mark territory.


Many musk deers were killed to obtain their fragrant musk glands (also known as musk pods). Approximately 160 deers are estimated to be killed in order to obtain 1 kilogram (35 oz) of musk. There has been a high level of poaching, and today musk deers are considered an endangered species. As such, perfumers turned to other sources of musk, including plants such as Angelica archangelica from Scandanavia and Abelmoschus moschatus from India, among others. However, in modern perfumery, it is most common to use synthetic musk, known in the industry as “white musk.”

We at Harvey Prince proudly refuse to participate in the savage ways of animal poaching for the formulation of any of our perfumes or beauty products. We believe that all of Earth’s creatures deserve the opportunity to live their best life, and we will never be responsible for cutting an animal’s life short. Our promise to you and to this planet is to never change our morals and ideals to compete with other brands. Harvey Prince will always be 100 percent cruelty free and vegan, because we believe the best luxury perfumes, bath, hair and body products don’t have to be created out of animals suffering.

Clean Musk

Harvey Prince believes that animals’ lives are precious, just as ours are. In our best selling Clean Musk perfume, we proudly use white musk. Though the illegal poaching of musk deers continues to this day, Harvey Prince created Clean Musk to capture the sexy essence of natural musk while being 100 percent vegan friendly and cruelty free. Our Clean Musk is warm, powdery, and fresh. It’s a light and sexy—not heavy or overpowering. You’ll feel uplifted, happy, and beautiful with each whiff.

Part of our Singular Scentsations line, Clean Musk by Harvey Prince needs no other notes because of the strength of its musk scent. This undeniably sexy fragrance allows women to tap into their sensual side. Spritzthis enticing fragrance on your body’s pulse points to gain an instant sense of excitement! This perfume will make ladies feel adventurous and confident — ready for whatever the night throws at them! Whether you’re planning a romantic date night or an evening on the town with the ladies, be sure to bring along Clean Musk!

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