Vanilla originates from orchids of the Vanilla genus, typically the Vanilla planifolia species. Pre-Columbian peoples of the Americas were the first to cultivate the vanilla orchid, which was subsequently introduced to Europe by Spanish conquistadors. The discovery in 1841 that the vanilla plant could be hand-pollinated, as opposed to relying on indigenous bees, its natural pollinator, allowed the cultivation of vanilla to spread across the world.

Today, Madagascar, Indonesia, and China are the world’s top producers of vanilla. Vanilla is ideally suited for growth in a hot, humid climate. Vanilla extracts have a variety of uses, including as a flavoring in cooking and baking, an ingredient in perfumery, and a relaxant in aromatherapy.

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Vanilla Flowers & Beans

Vanilla has a scent profile that’s sweet, cozy, and warm. It has tremendous depth and evokes a sense of comfort. This relaxing feeling produced by the scent of vanilla is the reason it is commonly used in aromatherapy to decrease anxiety and stress levels. In perfumery, vanilla is often used as a base note in an accord fragrance, expressing itself last.

We at Harvey Prince wanted to highlight the warmth and sweetness of vanilla while creating the most sexy fragrance for sensual women. By cultivating the strongest potency of vanilla while also harnessing its soothing aromatic, calming qualities, we’ve come up with best sweet perfume in Madagascar Vanilla.

Harvey Prince used pure vanilla extracts from Madagascar when creating its uplifting Madagascar Vanilla perfume. The extraordinary depth of this sweet perfume evokes a sense of happiness, serenity, and bliss. Madagascar Vanilla perfume is from our Singular Scentations line, in which fragrances are composed solely of an individual note. The delicious, incomparable scent of vanilla stands alone in Madagascar Vanilla, the best vanilla perfume for women.

vanilla, vanilla perfume, best vanilla perfume, sweet vanilla, sexy perfume
Madagascar Vanilla Perfume

Crafted in the USA with the best natural ingredients, Madagascar Vanilla takes luxury perfumes for women to a whole new level! Not only is this fragrance truly beautiful, it’s also eco-conscious, 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten-free. One whiff of this incredibly fragrant perfume and the stresses of your day melt off of your shoulders. Madagascar Vanilla has the power to make you feel the relaxation of a full day at the spa with just one sweet spritz! Place this Singular Scentsation on each of your pulse points for lasting stress-relief!

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