Raspberry is an edible fruit in the Rubus genus of the Rose family. Raspberries are tasty, juicy and sweet and are grown all over the world in temperate regions. They are found in an array of colors, from red to black and purple to blue. Raspberry notes in perfume add a succulence, sweetness and overall fruitiness to the fragrance’s composition and scent. Harvey Prince uses raspberry in its sexy Eau Fling perfume, the best raspberry fragrance for women.


Fruity notes of plum, crisp apple, blackcurrant, and tangy raspberry give Eau Fling a playful vibe that greets onlookers with a wink and a smile. Layered with spicier notes of nutmeg and cinnamon, along with deeper notes of clean musk and rare woods, Eau Fling adds a daring edge to all women who wear it. Finally, intoxicating jasmine and fresh lavender add a feminine, floral touch to this fragrance, so ladies can still feel delicate and gentle while wearing this fun scent. Want to get noticed without saying a word? Spray on the best flirty perfume on the market!Eau Fling is a stimulating perfume with raspberry that will turn heads, get you noticed and make you feel your best!

Eau-Fling-50-mlEau Fling Perfume

Eau Fling is a modern-day love potion inspired by research from Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment & Research Foundation. These studies show that the scents of pumpkin pie and lavender evoke the strongest arousal response in men.So when you spritz Eau Fling perfume, with its delightfully rich pumpkin pie and lavender notes, complemented by succulently sweet raspberry, blackcurrant and plum, you’ll instantly feel deliciously seductiveand flirtatiously sexy. And which woman doesn’t love that every now and then?!


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