Sandalwood trees are highly valued for their fragrant essential oil, which is commonly used in perfumes and for aromatherapy. Of the genus Santalum, Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) and Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) are perhaps the best known species of sandalwood. Indian sandalwood from the Mysore area in south India is highly valued due to its deep, rich fragrance but has become an endangered species as a result of overharvesting. Harvey Prince uses the highest-quality Australian sandalwood essential oil for our best selling Yogini and Sincerely perfumes.



Australian Sandalwood

Sandalwood has a warm, woody relaxing scent. It is heady and sensual. Sandalwood essential oil is distilled from the roots and heartwood of sandalwood trees. In accord fragrances, sandalwood essential oil is used as a base note and as a fixative for other more volatile notes.

Blending the finest grade and best sandalwood essential oil, our team at Harvey Prince was inspired to create luxury fragrances that are completely unique and capture the essence of a sensual woman. In doing so, we’ve created the two of the top selling sweet perfumes for women made with you in mind! Both our Yogini and Sincerely fragrances capture the essence of what makes a woman sultry and desirable, and we hope you love these perfumes as much as we do!

Harvey Prince’s Yogini is the best relaxing perfume for women. Inspired by female master yoga practitioners, Yogini calms your mind as it soothes your soul. Better than a yoga session, a whiff of Yogini awakens your senses with the scents of sensual sandalwood, warm Egyptian myrrh, intoxicating incense, luxurious lily of the valley, sweet star jasmine and lush rose petals. Floral notes give Yogini a soft, luxurious feel, while the sensual, deeper notes soothe your spirit and calm your soul. Those who practice yoga are often seen with a radiant glow, and with Yogini, you, too, can attain this glow without ever hitting a yoga mat! Yogini will ease your stress, releasing it from your body with just one deep whiff. Let yourself go with the power of this serene fragrance! Feel as good as you smell with this refreshing and relaxingscent by Harvey Prince.  Free your spirit with Yogini perfume, made from the best sandalwood oil.



Yogini Perfume

Sincerely perfume takes you on an extraordinary journey around the world with a single sweet spritz. Deep Australian sandalwood, lush Lebanese cedarwood and spicy Indonesian clove blend with intoxicating Moroccan rose, fresh French bergamot, alluring Turkish cyclamen and luxurious South African freesia, creating a mystical perfume that whisks you away from the mundane and opens your senses to the vast, exotic world. With Sincerely, our best selling perfume, find yourself then lose yourself all over again.


Sincerely Perfume

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