Bergamot, also known as bergamot orange, is a fragrant fruit that is believed to be a hybrid of sweet lemon and Seville orange. Yellowish-green in color and approximately the size of an orange, bergamot is largely produced near the Ionian Sea in Reggio di Calabria, Italy, though it is also grown in the south of France and the Ivory Coast. In perfumery, bergamot essential oil is used for its light, fresh, clean scent and is typically a top note in an accord fragrance. Harvey Prince uses bergamot in the best sweet perfume for women, Ambrosia Botanica, and in Sincerely, our best selling women’s fragrance.

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Inspired by ancient Greek mythology, in which the gods consumed sweet ambrosia to attain immortality, Ambrosia Botanica perfume was designed for the modern goddess. It is a fragrant blend of the best fresh Italian bergamot, zesty Sicilian lemon, lush Javanese vetiver, sensual Indian patchouli, spicy Madagascar vanilla, warm musk and golden amber. One whiff of the sweet, soft scent of Ambrosia Botanica perfume and you’ll forever feel divine.

We can’t always afford an exotic vacation overseas, but when luxury fragrances are beautifully crafted with love, you can be transported through scent to you wherever your imagination takes you. Our goal behind this sexy perfume for women was for you to spritz the fragrance on and feel as timeless, ageless, and beautiful as a Mediterranean goddess. When you feel great and use the best perfumes, you project your best self to the world, and a Harvey Prince woman deserves nothing less than the best!

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Ambrosia Botanica Perfume

Sincerely perfume is one of Harvey Prince’s best selling fragrances. Each delicate spritz of Sincerely transports you as it transforms you. Your senses awaken with refreshing French bergamot, alluring Moroccan rose, sexy Turkish cyclamen and elegant South African freesia. Spicy Indonesian clove, exotic Japanese orange flower, intoxicating Indian tuberose, sensual Australian sandalwood and warm Lebanese cedarwood stir you with their aromatic intensity. Sincerely perfume takes your breath away with each dazzling whiff of its best fragrance.

Sincerely by Harvey Prince will take you around the world with just one sweet spritz. Harvey Prince used only rare and exotic notes while crafting this fragrance to give your senses a truly unique experience. Wearing Sincerely will help you find yourself and escape from the stress of daily life that weighs heavy on your shoulders. Relax with this mystical and mysterious scent, and let your senses transport you to a faraway land with Sincerely perfume!

Sincerely Perfume

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