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Women love sweet perfume. And it’s easy to understand why. Who wouldn’t want to smell sweet, fresh and clean?! Sweet perfume makes women feel their best. Harvey Prince offers a range of sweet perfumes, from intensely potent sugary sweet scents to light and clean fragrances with faint whiffs of sweetness. Harvey Prince believes there is a sweet perfume for everyone—you just have to find the best one for you!

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What makes a best sweet perfume?

A sweet perfume can immediately transform your spirit. The best sweet perfumes have the power to instantly change your mood, making you feel uplifted and invigorated. It takes just a single whiff to know if you’re enjoying what you smell.

The highest-quality ingredients from around the world produce the best perfumes, particularly sweet perfumes. Harvey Prince scours the world seeking the finest natural and essential oils for our fragrances. When we created Damask Rose, the best rose perfume, we found the finest rose essential oil in Morocco’s legendary Valley of the Roses, El Kelaa M’Gouna. Here, the rose blooms are devastatingly beautiful, intensely fragrant and deeply intoxicating. Oftentimes, rose perfumes can smell old-fashioned and dated, but not with Damask Rose by Harvey Prince. crafts perfumes with the modern woman in mind, so Damask Rose was created to make a fresh twist on a classic scent. Part of the Harvey Prince Singular Scentsation line of fragrances, Damask Rose is confident, yet quiet, and doesn’t overpower the women who wear it. Live life as if you’re strolling through a beautiful rose garden with Damask RoseDamask Rose perfume, a single-note fragrance, is sweet and dewy, modern and eternal—the best rose perfume for every woman in every occasion.

And it doesn’t just stop there! Our search for the finest ingredients and best essential oils means we will always bring you the highest quality in luxury perfumes. We want you to take pride in how you smell and how you can command a room just by walking through the door. Here at Harvey Prince, we design the best sweet perfumes and sexy fragrances with you in mind, all with the convenience of online perfume shopping at your fingertips!

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Why do women prefer sweet perfumes?

Sweet perfumes are typically fresh, are somewhat light and usually conjure a sense of innocence. Women like the refreshing and clean feeling associated with sweet perfumes, and also enjoy the innocence evoked by such fragrances.

In Cherie Blossom perfume, Harvey Prince captured the innocence and purity of new beginnings as symbolized by the blooming of cherry blossoms. In Japan, spring is heralded by the blooming of cherry blossom trees, which represent rebirth and a new day. The sweet intoxication of Cherie Blossom perfume gives birth to your next chapter. Cherie Blossom has notes of sweet Japanese Somei Sakura (cherry blossom), anti-aging pink grapefruit, cool musk and spicy vanilla. These sweet, elegant notes imbue you with eternal class and grace.

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What kind of women prefer sweet perfumes?

Women who prefer sweet perfumes are generally thoughtful, soft, caring and gentle. After all, what we wear on the outside is a reflection of who we are on the inside. It’s no surprise that a sweet woman would want to smell sweet! Sweet perfumes are also typically worn by women who like to stop and smell the roses, so to speak: They’re women who love nature and its boundless beauty and who appreciate good things, large and small.

Harvey Prince created Hello perfume in homage to the brilliant beauty of spring mornings and their transformative ability. After all, it’s the little things that affect us most deeply: the sun on your shoulders, the smell of fresh grass, the morning dew on your windows. These are the memories that stick out the most to us when we think of springtime, and this is what Harvey Prince captured with Hello perfume—the sweet, soft seduction of spring mornings. Hello contains notes of refreshing Meyer lemon, clean white grapefruit, uplifting Satsuma mandarin and luminous wild verbena that blend with dewy summer forsythia, elegant pink plumeria, rich Tahitian vanilla and sensual musk. Hello makes you feel your best with its warm, sweet fragrance.

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What are sweet perfume notes?

Typically, sweet perfumes are made with essential oils from flowers. This is because flowers release perhaps the most beautifully sweet scent on earth. Florals, as the category is known in perfumery, can include flowers such as roses, plumeria, orchid, lily, gardenia and jasmine, to name a few.

Sometimes, the scent of a flower is so unique and distinctive that it can stand alone in its own fragrance, as opposed to being blended into an accord perfume with other, supplementary notes. As with Damask Rose, Harvey Prince made Imperial Gardenia perfume as a single-note fragrance using gardenia because it’s a special flower that is incredibly sweet but with hints of spice. Imperial Gardenia is a seductively potent perfume that is alluring and sexy while still being sweet and pure. The beauty of gardenia flowers lies in their seemingly contradictory scent: sweet but spicy, innocent yet sexy. Imperial Gardenia perfume captures the duality and complexity of the gardenia flower—the same complexity that exists in all women.

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Is the best sweet perfume also the best perfume?

Personal tastes and preferences naturally vary. No two human beings are alike in every way. Some women like soft, sweet perfumes the best, while others like intensely sexy or deeply sensual perfumes better. Similarly, some women like floral scents while others prefer citrus or woody ones. What we like or dislike ultimately comes down to our individual personalities and emotions.

Harvey Prince sought a way to balance the various desires of women and create a fragrance that is sweet but sexy, deeply personal and individualistic yet resonant with all women. The result? Signature perfume, the best sweet perfume that is also the best perfume. Signature is designed to be your everyday perfume—your “signature” scent. Versatile and suitable for all occasions, Signature transitions seamlessly from work during the day to drinks in the evening. It becomes your second skin with its addictive notes, including refreshing citrus, sweet Japanese mikan, anti-aging pink grapefruit, dewy Hawaiian jasmine, sacred lotus, regal rajnigandha (tuberose), intoxicating Japanese honeysuckle, exotic amber, warm Madagascar vanilla and sensual patchouli. Signature is the best sweet perfume designed for all women.

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