Men often need a little encouragement in shopping for grooming products and fragrances. Men want to look, to feel, and to smell their best, but shopping for products such as cologne can seem overwhelming given the vast amount of fragrances in the market. But it’s never been easier to shop for men’s cologne than with Harvey Prince’s Online Store. Harvey Prince created the brand new, exclusive BIG cologne so that men always smell fresh, feel confident, and are at their best.

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BIG Tall Spray

BIG cologne is refreshing, uplifting, and masculine. Its invigorating scent makes a bold statement with its exotic blend of the best, high quality essential oils. BIG cologne contains Italian mandarin, Barbadian grapefruit, Javanese lemongrass, sweet lemon oil, Texas cedar wood, cashmeran, Indian vetiver, Tahitian vanilla, Arabian oud, clean musk, and warm amber. The best ingredients in the best cologne to bring out the best in a man.

If you’ve never experienced the combination of notes that make BIG the best smelling fragrance for men, fear not! Imagine walking in a forest filled with massive Evergreen trees. The Arabian Oud that’s extracted from these trees enrich BIG’s depth, giving it a masculine, woody perfection. Our best Oud is mixed with the richness of Texas cedar wood, transforming this fragrance into a unique, distinctive blend. All the while, BIG’s citrus notes of Italian mandarin, Barbadian grapefruit, Javanese lemongrass and sweet lemon oil are light enough to cut through its woody edge and give it a light, refreshing scent.

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BIG cologne is for men who are free-spirited. Independent. Fearless. Generous. Audacious. Kind. Men who see possibilities where others see limitations. Men who never settle for second place. Men who aspire to be the best every day, in all ways. Men who are true originals. Men who are larger than life. BIG cologne is for the man who is better than the best.

The best part of BIG? This amazing cologne works for all men, whether they’re soft and sensitive, manly and rugged, or have elements of both! Because of its many layers of notes, every man will find something he loves about BIG. This versatile, luxury cologne is a departure from generic, run-of-the-mill department store fragrances. Men, looking for your sense of adventure? Find it in BIG cologne.

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