It has been a long winter with seemingly endless snow for many across the country. We wait with breathless anticipation for signs of the spring: warm sunlight, chirping birds, green grass, blooming flowers. Harvey Prince created Hello perfume so that the scent of spring is always with you, even in the dead of winter, elevating your mood and making you feel your best.

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Hello 50ml

Hello perfume

evokes fresh, dewy spring mornings with its sweet blend of the best citrus and floral notes. Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, Satsuma mandarin, and wild verbena mix with summer forsythia, pink plumeria, Tahitian vanilla, and sensual musk to make you feel refreshed and uplifted.











We at Harvey Prince wanted to capture the excitement of new possibilities that spring brings to those who suffer the bitter effects of winter. With Hello, we created the essence of happiness that you get when you’re able to feel the warmth of the sun on your face and escape your daily routine of hibernation that the winter has caused. Spritzing Hello is a reminder that new possibilities and opportunities are always right around the corner!

Cozy. Comforted. Warm. In the spring, when we look out of our window or go for a walk, these are some of the emotions that we feel. Harvey Prince captures these emotions and evokes them with a single spritz of Hello perfume . Whether spring, winter, fall, or summer, you’ll always feel your best with a whiff of Hello perfume. Hello is sunshine in a bottle — the best spring perfume.


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