Best Holiday Perfume

I can’t believe how fast the holidays came this year! Between work, family and friends, I’ve barely had time for myself! This year, I wanted to reward myself for all of my hard work by finding the best holiday perfume to instantly put me in the holiday spirit. Because I had no time to go deal with the crazy crowds at the mall, I started my search online, and immediately fell in love with Temptress by Harvey Prince.


Temptress is unlike any other holiday perfume I’ve ever had before. I didn’t want the traditional holiday perfumes — I wanted something seductive and flirty so I could find a man to cozy up with during the cold winter months! Temptress by Harvey Prince has notes of pumpkin pie and lavender, two notes that evoke a more passionate response in men than any other combination of scents according to research. This magic potion of a perfume is just what I need to find someone to spend the holidays with!


But pumpkin pie and lavender are not the only two scents in the best holiday perfume, Temptress. I love the sweet floral notes of jasmine, freesia and ylang-ylang, which add a feminine softness to my spirit. Warm nutmeg, cinnamon and amber make me want to wrap up in a cozy scarf and sweater with a mug of hot chocolate. Together, these notes combine to make the best holiday perfume. My favorite part of the best holiday perfume is wearing it to holiday parties! I walk in the room, the scent of Temptress trailing me, and men do a double take, eyeing me up and down. With Temptress, my scent does all the flirting for me!


Harvey Prince makes more than just the best holiday perfume! Harvey Prince is a company that crafts all its products in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. I love that these luxury beauty products don’t have to come at the cost of animal testing, since Harvey Prince products are 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. This year, not only am I wearing Temptress throughout the holiday season, I’m asking for more Harvey Prince products under my tree!