Best Romantic Perfume for Women

The holidays are here! They’re a time filled with festivities, good cheer, and merriment! And perhaps most importantly, they’re a time for love + romance. Couples sipping hot chocolate by the warm fire. Cozy cuddles in bed. Romantic dinners with red wine. The holidays bring us even closer to our loved ones. And which one of us doesn’t like a little romance in our lives?But do you ever wish you had a magic potion that could bring you and your loved oneeven closer? Something that could spark the romance? Well, Harvey Prince has the answer! Our Bailando fragrance, inspired by the passion and sensuality of Cuban rumba, is the best romantic perfume for women!


With a sweet spritz of Bailando, you are transportedto romantic alleyways with cobblestone streets. Beautiful ruins of once magnificent buildings surround you. The sound of Cuban rumba echoes dimly in the distance. A single whiff of Bailando’s soft, sweet notes lures your loved one even closer to you, as he falls under your magical spell. It’s no wonder Bailando is the best romantic perfume for women! Which woman wouldn’t like to escape reality every so often and live out an exotic fantasy? Bailando, the best romantic perfume for women, takes you and your special someone there.


As he breathes in Bailando’s fresh Spanish mandarin softly blended with exotic Japanese Orange Flower, dewy Moroccan rose, and alluring Indian jasmine, he’ll fall even more deeply in love with you. Warm vanilla from Madagascar, clean musk, sensual Australian sandalwood, and deep dry woods soothe his soul as his pulse races. A spritz of Bailando ignites the romantic fires in his heart, bringing out his passionate side! Revel in romance with Bailando, the best romantic perfume for women.

Couple Kissing Together

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