Best Sexy Perfume

My best friend, Sarah, and I were getting ready for a night on the town, putting the finishing touches on our make-up and hair. She tossed something my way that caught me by surprise. I reached out to grab the elegant fragrance bottle and read its label aloud, “Temptress by Harvey Prince, what’s this?”

“Don’t you want to meet a guy tonight? Temptress is the best sexy perfume! You won’t even have to put any effort into flirting. Just let Temptress do the work!” Sarah explained.

50ml-Tempress-600x600 (3)

I spritzed Temptress onto my pulse points and we headed out the door to begin our evening. As we were walking, I thought that I noticed a few men turning to stare at me, but assumed that it was because of my new dress or heels. Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to come face to face with a tall, dark and handsome man. As I flipped my hair around to meet his gaze, notes of jasmine, freesia, citrus, ylang-ylang, nutmeg, cinnamon and amber bounced off of me thanks to the best sexy perfume. He stopped in his tracks and took a deep whiff of these incredible notes. Without a word, he handed me a card with his phone number on it. Temptress has a power over him that put me completely in control, and I loved it!


As Sarah and I walked away giggling at what just happened, I asked her to tell me a little bit more about the best sexy perfume, Temptress by Harvey Prince

“How did you know that Temptress would do all the flirting for me?” I asked her.

“Because Harvey Prince uses pumpkin and lavender in Temptress. That combination of scents is proven by science to evoke a more passionate response in men than any other notes! Basically, it’s a love potion in a bottle,” she explained.


As she talked, I did a quick Internet search on my phone to see if what she was saying was true and discovered that she was right! The best sexy perfume was not only powerful, but also 100% cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. The best part? All Harvey Prince products, including the best sexy perfume, are made in the USA with the finest natural ingredients and best essential oils. It looks like Temptress will be my new secret, eco-conscious, luxury weapon!